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Coaching Service

Do you need an Autism Consultant at the end of your phone? Then we may have the answer!

The ALL NEW coaching service is intended for those who have undertaken a minimum of the 'Introduction to Autism' course with iAAS. Coaching and support for parents, carers and primary care-givers can be offered via Text, WhasApp or Live Chat. We know how busy your days are and that time for lengthy consultancy sessions can be limited. 



How Does it Work? 

You sign up for support and coaching for anything between 1 month and 1 year. 

You decide on the best method of contact for you and your family. 

You can contact an Autism Consultant directly via your chosen method for support, advice, tips and strategies during the hours of 8am and 8pm, 7 days per week. 

You will be guaranteed a reply within 2 hours.

There is a maximum cap on messages per day, set at 10. 




What Kind of Thing Can I ask? 

  • How can I make getting ready for school run more smoothly?

  • I can I encourage my child to do some homework?

  • Can I have ideas to support sensory regulation at home 

  • How do I get the right support at school for my child? 

  • Who is the best person to contact about my child's provision? 

  • Can you send me a visual timetable? 

  • How do I support my children to spend time together?


Why Do I Need to do a Course First?

We ask that you have had some interaction with iAAS advisors prior to commencing coaching as your questions may be answered through this. It is also great to have a foundation understanding of Autistic Spectrum Conditions to help you put strategies in place and to use resources we may suggest.  


How Much Does It Cost?


1 Month - £100

6 Months - £500 (1 month free)

12 Months - £1000 (2 months free)

Trial 1st Week - £25

Multi Booking Offer:

Book any training package and save 25% on your first month of coaching. 

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