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Encouraging Independent Learning

COVID and school closures have meant we all need to be qualified teachers, mental health and well-being experts, child development gurus, Mums, Dads and employees! Here is a simple yet very effective way to encourage independent learning during these unfamiliar times, and beyond!

Setting up TEACCH style work packs or files, which include each individual task and every resource/ item of stationary required, means that we minimise confusion, make expectations clear and enable us to reduce our onslaught of verbal information! Activities can be a combination of school based work tasks and something motivational. Why not even pop the iPad or a fun game in the last pouch as a clear, visual reward.

Try to use clear wallets in order that your child knows exactly what we are asking of them before they even start. You can use timers to ensure they know when to start, and more importantly, when it’s over! Have rewards available, anything motivational, from stickers to Lego or talk time with a favoured person (even a chocolate button here and there!).

When setting up work areas, try to minimise clutter and visual stimuli. Have resources readily available. Don‘t feel that you need lots of visuals, just the ones relevant to your child (See Now/Next and Pen to Paper blogs for more information). If your child or young person uses a fiddle buddy, have it available to them. Allow for movement and sensory breaks. Try and ensure they are in a comfortable working position, you could try standing, or sitting in a yoga ball.

Please get in touch for more support with Home Schooling, including resources and lesson ideas!

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