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GIRLS on the Spectrum.

Rough estimates suggest that the diagnosis ratio of boys to girls is 4:1, suggesting girls are far less likely to have an Autistic Spectrum Condition.

BUT...the diagnostic tool was originally developed with the behaviour of boys in mind, our boys classically where their hearts if their sleeves and display many more outward behaviours.

Girls are also often more socially motivated, putting higher priority on friends and relationships. They are far better at masking and mimicking socially expected behaviours, until these expectations become more complicated. They are better equipped to hide their sensory needs in social situations.

The behaviours our girls display are often quite different from those of boys, and frustratingly, routinely they are the behaviours that don’t immediately attract attention from school staff or professionals - the quiet disengaged student at the back doesn’t cause too much trouble.

There are times when our girls’ Autism can be misinterpreted and perceived as a mental health condition, or high levels of anxiety.

So, parents and carers, you may know your little one is a pro masker, holding it together until they are at home and in their safe place, with their safe people. You may know your girl, who may well be very popular, doesn’t seem to understand the workings of her social circle and can’t develop her friendships meaningfully. Please let professionals know, keep diaries so that you can describe the bahviours you are seeing that we may not be and dint be afraid to say that home-life is very different from that in school

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