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INTEROCEPTION...what is it and how might it affect my child?

Interoception is being billed as the 8th sense, the new kids on the block. BUT trust me when I tell you it’s not new, we’ve always had it!! It is your body’s response to its own internal environment, and includes:

• Temperature Regulation • Pain Reception • Thirst and Hunger recognition • Bladder and Bowel Control • Sexual Arousal • Emotional Recognition and Regulation • Histamine Response • Response to Melatonin (the sleep hormone)

(This is not a comprehensive list as there is much research still to be done in this area)

In the same way that you can be HYPER or HYPO sensitive to the other well known senses, you can with your interoceptive sensory information too. Do you have a child who always seems hot but is unable to communicate this and becomes dysregulated, or who doesn’t seem to feel the cold? Or maybe a child who feels a light touch as pain, or doesn’t respond appropriately to painful stimuli? Or maybe they can’t tell you what is hurting or why they feel poorly, but you see a drastic change in behaviour? Does your little one not seem to recognise when they need to go to the toilet?

All of these thing could be linked to their recognition and responsiveness to Interoceptive information. And stress levels absolutely affect how much of an impact this will have on a day to day basis, and of course that changes!

Please contact me if you would like more information on sensory regulation.

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