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Training Packages

All training packages are delivered virtually, with a maximum capacity of 4 participants.

Introduction to Autism - £45

1 hour

A course aimed at both parents and professionals who are new to Autistic Spectrum Conditions and would like to gain a base understanding of neurodiversity.

Autism Awareness for Primary Caregivers - £135

3 hours

A full course covering the main areas of neuro-developmental differences, complemented with strategies and resources to support everyday living. We will discuss sensory needs, communication, behaviour, anxiety, demand avoidance, social understanding and relationships. Depending on your child's age and stage we will also cover play, adolescence or transition to adulthood.  

Making Home Life Easier the Navigate - £70

1.5 hours

A course aimed at both primary and secondary caregivers, covering elements of day to day home life including; meal times, sibling play, following instructions, developing independence, organisation and communication.

Pathological Demand Avoidance - £70

1.5 hours

A course covering the presentation of a child or young person with anxiety driven demand avoidant traits with a focus on supportive strategies and resources

Girls on the Spectrum - £70

1.5 hours

A course covering the presentation of girls who the Autistic Spectrum with a focus on supportive strategies and resources

Autism Awareness for Sport and Leisure Providers - £135

3 hours

A training package for sports coaches, trainers and those delivering physical activity with children on the Autistic Spectrum. This course covers session engagement, communication, managing demands, structuring sessions, sensory and environmental considerations and liaison with parents and carers

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